I'm so tired working hours
Lately problems
Find their way to steal my powers
Hard to keep afloat since August

These wings start to wear off
I'm starting to feel off
All of dis shit is making me go off
The fuck you tryna' sell me here?!

These feelings got harder to keep off
Feels like my efforts don't pay off
Like Nicholas Cage in Face Off
Somebody else is living my life instead of..
ME... You get me? 

It's a feeling of uncertainty
Like people are using me
And look at me...I just let them be
Cause revenge was never part of me
Walking around with no purpose
Going back and forth
Lost in the process

Listening to music, that's all I got
Since God gave up on me
I dunno why, the guy just stopped (caring)
Like an old car full of rust
Threw me out from the beehive
Cause I'm the wasp
Winter is coming, gotta find shelter fast