I guess now’s a good time to say,

What I’ve always wanted to.

It doesn’t matter where you stay,

We’ve got the same sky to look up to.

It’s been such a long time now,

Since we’ve known each other’s thoughts,

Now there is just an empty hole.

Like an ocean filled with boats.

I’ve got all kinds of issues now,

Trusting, loving, being true.

I find myself in need to howl,

Every time that I see the moon.

That’s why I love to write instead,

Funny how time has turned the tide…

What I believe in, thoughts in my head,

The fabric of our dreams, inside.

Running from myself, from you,

Just like Beyoncé was singing,

Such a fucked up thing to do…

I don’t think I found the meaning.

Good and bad? They don’t exist.

It’s what we make out of them.

Without darkness, the light won’t fix,

Our deepest problems that overwhelm.

So now I’m asking, “what should we do?”

Should we condemn, accuse, deny?

Perhaps it’s you, or maybe I,

It wouldn’t matter, ’cause we’re through.