Nothing but change

Life's harsh, most of the time
It doesn't care 'bout you or I 
About feelings, ethics, irony,
What is and what should never be

We shouldn't settle, not for long,
Although we think we may belong
Perception's what should be reviewed,
Nothing stays the same for good. 

People, money, come and go
Like a good song on the radio.
Opportunity and chances
Gotta take it 'fore it passes.

Nobody can say for sure
What's to happen in a day or so
There's one thing that stays the same - 
It is nothing else but change.

Change is constant, change is good, 
In all history of manlihood
It's the one thing that takes us forward
Hard as can be, keep pushing forward. 

It takes courage, being brave,
Dealing with its consequence
And when things start to get rough,
Take a step back, see the path. 

~ M.  

Author: azinupoatemaine

He who delights in solitude is either a wild beast or a god.

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